The Hydro Ax mulches trees and brush, allowing the material to be returned to the ground.  This one step process spreads mulch over the ground that will hold in moisture. The bottom layer will compost and restore nutrients to the depleted soil. This compost layer will allow the native grasses to develop deep strong root systems. The problem with a lot of ranches we have worked on, was the dozer clearing years ago. After land is cleared by a dozer, or a loader, the soil washes away in the next rain storm. The dozer turns every rock out of the ground, the soil washes away leaving nothing but the exposed rock.

I rocked my entire house with such stone from job sites, and ranches all over the Hill Country. Ranch land littered with stone has little value to a deer, cow, or a land owner. Cover the rock with mulch and now you have a base for soil that can maintain healthy grasses.

Skid Loader

To assist our hydro ax land clearing, our skid loaders are equipped with tree shears. The Hydro Ax machine is 10 ˝ feet tall and 9 ˝ feet wide. We keep the large machine away from the selected “keeper trees” and trim the under brush and undesirable trees away with the tree shears. The midsized skid loader can maneuver in and out of the tight spots to bring the brush to the Ax.

 The Skid loaders are very versatile machines. We can assist you with many property chores.

- Auger, posthole drill.

- Ambusher, 6 foot mower, can handle trees under three inch diameter, and grass.

- Grapple Bucket, grappling trash, brush, or what ever needs to be moved.

- Dirt Bucket, leveling or spreading material.


Fecon Bull Hog Tree Shredder and Forest Mulcher

Known for their heavy duty construction and reliability, Bull Hog mulchers have become the contractor’s choice for mulching attachments.  Bull Hog reduces brush, and wood quickly, safely at the lowest possible cost.  Leave mulch on the ground in any texture, fine or coarse to fertilize the soil and improve the land.  Bull Hogs only use a fraction of the diesel fuel consumed by alternative methods. (www.fecon.com


Our Fecon’s have rock teeth, allowing the brush in rocky areas to be cleared.  The Fecon Bull Hog is the machine of choice when huge trees are to be removed.  The dead oak tree from oak wilt can be mulched and returned to the ground. The largest tree we have mulched to date was a 40 inch diameter pecan tree.

Rotary Ax Brush Cutter

The Rotary Ax, is our choice for clearing trees, and brush 8 inches in diameter and under. This attachment mulches trees by hitting them so hard they explode!!! Once on the ground the Ax goes over the mulch reducing the mulch to smaller pieces with the blades. The Rotary Ax will NOT be the machine of choice when encountering extremely rocky areas.  The Rotary Ax  is for rural application only.  This giant lawn mower will throw mulch and spread it thin, allowing grass to come up fast.  The only problem is the Ax throws every thing in its path like rocks, stumps and logs.  Be aware and stay back 300 feet. The Rotary Ax makes short work of cedar, mesquite, and other underbrush. 

Rotary Ax, giant lawn mower, Hits trees with such force,they explode!!!

other machines in our fleet..

 Tree Shears on Cat Case Skid Loader equipped with Tree Shears  
Tree Shears on Case 85 XT Cat 416 Backhoe  
Cat 973 Track Loader Cat 235 Excavator  
Cat 950 Wheel Loader 12 G, Motor Grader, Blade  

 T-600 Rock Saw Kubota Tractor with 8 foot Shreader  

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