Hydro Ax vs. Bull Dozer 

The Hydro Ax mulches trees and brush, allowing the material to be returned to the ground.  This one step process spreads mulch over the ground that will hold in moisture. The bottom layer will compost and restore nutrients to the depleted soil. This compost layer will allow the native grasses to develop deep strong root systems. The problem with a lot of ranches we have worked on, was the dozer clearing years ago. After land is cleared by a dozer, or a loader, the soil washes away in the next rain storm. The dozer turns every rock out of the ground, the soil washes away leaving nothing but the exposed rock.  I rocked my entire house with such stone from job sites, and ranches all over the Hill Country.


Ranch land littered with stone has little value to a deer, cow, or a land owner. Cover the rock with mulch and now you have a base for soil that can maintain healthy grasses.


Fire danger is another reason to consider a Hydro Ax. Every thing cleared by a dozer, or tree shears, has to be burned or mulched.  The risk and liability of burning the neighbor’s property is a concern to consider.


 Do not think that cedar pushed out of the ground, or cut by tree shears will decompose and return to the ground in your lifetime, or your children’s for that matter.  Everywhere you go notice the fence post, chances are, and they are cedar (Ash Juniper or Mountain Cedar, all the same animal).

We see posts, cut by an ax a long time ago, chainsaws have been been around for decades. Juniper Cedar posts last 100 years or better. Piles or trees will be there that long as well.


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